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The RN is responsible for assessing the clinical condition and determining the nursing care requirements of the residents in an assigned unit. The RN assigns, supervises and directs the delivery of nursing care by the individuals, according to the physician’s orders and established policies and standards of care. The RN is directly responsible to the Charge Nurse, Clinical Supervisor or Administration, and keeps them informed of all pertinent information concerning the resident’s condition.


1. Gives the quality of nursing care, which meets the standards for nursing practice of Plantation Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

2. Adheres to Plantation Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’s policies and procedures.

3. Knows the purpose, expected results, and the safety factors involved in the nursing care he/she administers.

4. Utilizes her knowledge and skills in giving safe nursing care.

5. Assumes responsibility for fulfilling the activities of the job.

6. Protects confidentiality of information concerning the residents or nursing home affairs except to authorized personnel.

7. Self-direction in learning and/or improving the abilities needed in the job.

8. Participates in studies related to nursing practice.

9. Participates in the in-service education program of the nursing home.

10. Evaluates resident care and making recommendations for the improvement of the care.

11. Maintains a professional level of conduct.

12. Accepts direction, supervision and evaluation of performance.

13. Economical use of time, efforts and material.


1. Plans nursing care:

    A. Identifies the nursing needs of residents.

  • Receives report from nurse from previous tour of duty and makes walking rounds.
  • Ascertains physician’s orders.
  • Observes the physical needs of the resident.
  • Determines observable spiritual, emotional and social factors, which might influence a plan of therapy.
  • Utilizes knowledge in the identification of nursing needs.
  • Knowledgeable of all residents’ conditions at all times.
  • Responsible for the total resident environment.

   B. Makes a plan of care in light of the nursing needs and the program of therapy as prescribed by the physician

  •  Identifies those nursing needs, which require the services of the RN.
  • Utilizes resources such as the physician, director and written material in planning care.
  • Identifies the areas of nursing care, which are within the range of abilities and scope of the non-professional worker.
  • Assigns the non-professional worker to those tasks, which he/she can perform and supervises him/her.
  • Utilizes ancillary services, such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Recreational Therapy and Social Services in providing optimum services to the resident.
  • Participates in weekly Resident Care Plan meetings as indicated.

2. Give nursing care:

    A.  Carries out hygienic, comfort and safety measures.

    B.  Carries out those activities delegated by the physician, which concern medications, treatments and diagnostic measures.

    C.  Assists the physician with treatments and procedures.

    D.  Assists in the physical rehabilitation of the resident.

    E.  Teaches the resident and/or family needed health information or simple nursing procedures needed in home care.

    F.  Observes and records on nursing records the signs and symptoms associated with the diagnosis, condition of the resident, and response to therapy.

    G.  Reports significant observations and information to the nurse in charge.

    H.  Records nursing care data accurately on designated records.

     I.   Assists in meeting spiritual and emotional needs.

    J.   Administers or supervises the administration and recording of medication.

    K.  Administers, regulates and initiates intravenous fluids and medications.

    L.  Transcribes and follows through doctor’s orders.

   M.  Demonstrates nursing care procedures and care of equipment to team members when necessary.

   N.  Helps maintain cleanliness of the unit.

   O.  Makes pertinent notations on Resident Condition Report.

    P.  Assists in orientation of new associates.

    Q. Completes narcotic counts and reports incorrect count to the Head Nurse.

    R. Checks for completion of team members’ assignment and other delegated tasks.

    S. Checks new patients on admission and makes frequent rounds, assisting, checking, and teaching members.

    T. Makes rounds with doctors.

   U. Reads current literature in nursing to update nursing care.

    V.  Maintains a clean, neat and orderly medication cart.

   W. Maintains accurate admission and discharge reports.

   X. Keeps current the Resident Condition Report.

3. Evaluates nursing care:

    A.  Identifies areas where self-improvement can be made.

    B.  Observes the resident’s response to the plan of care.

    C.  Seeks improvement of nursing care plan through discussion with co-workers.

    D.  Adjusts the nursing care plan in light of new developments or new information.

    E.  Evaluates the performance of the workers under his/her direction.

    F.  Identifies the learning needs of the workers and refers this to the Director of Nursing.

4. Assists the Charge Nurse with the overall management of the Nursing Unit, including monthly orders, renewals, monthly summaries, and other data as required by Nursing Administration.


1. Functions as a Charge Nurse in charge of  a nursing unit as assigned and assigns duties to aides and orderlies.

2. Contributes to the implementation of the philosophy and purpose of nursing.

3. Issues warning notices to employees under supervision without prior approval for employee violations of nursing home personnel policies or other improper conduct.

4. May suspend an employee and recommends termination for serious infractions.

5. Supervises the performance of aides and orderlies and responds to their complaints or suggestions as indicated.

6. Authorizes employees to leave work early.

7. Moves employees from unit to unit as needed.

8. Evaluates employee’s physical and mental capacity to perform their job each day and takes appropriate action when an employee is not able to properly perform.

9. Assists in the identification and evaluation of problems and their solutions.

10. Promotes and insures conformity with departmental policies and procedures.

11. Participates in the hiring and firing process.

12. Assists in carrying out other related duties as designated by the Director of Nursing.


  • Education: Registered Nurse
  • Licensure: Licensed in the State of Florida
  • Attendance at educational programs designed to continue professional growth is essential.
  • Knowledge of the principals of physical, biological, and social sciences plus their application to resident care.
  • Manipulative skills are required in performing a variety of therapeutic procedures.
  • Technical skills are also required plus a recognition of cardinal symptoms, reactions to treatments, and changes in a patient’s condition.
  • Teaching skills are essential for instructing patients and nursing associates.
  • Must have physical stamina and emotional maturity.
  • Must be dependable and must be prompt.
  • Must maintain a neat appearance, exhibited by proper uniform, nursing cap and name pin.  A cap remains optional.
  • Must be able to accept and support change.
  • Must be alert.
  • Must be interested in learning.
  • Must be courteous.
  • Must be able to accept and offer constructive criticism in a mature fashion.
  • Skin test and/or chest x-ray and physical examination required.
  • Must be able to move and lift residents.
  • Must have adequate hearing and vision.
  • Must be able to supervise non-professional workers when they are assigned for direction.
  • Constant contact with residents, visitors and co-workers.

Freedom from illegal use of drugs, and freedom from use and effects of the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Persons who have been found guilty by a court of law of abusing, neglecting or mistreating individuals in a health care related setting are ineligible for employment in this position.


  • Considerable walking and standing.
  • Lifting and moving of patients.
  • Emergency situations arise which require immediate and effective response on the part of the nurse.
  • Judgment to refer situations beyond his/her ability or functions to the proper person.
  • Emergency situations may require service to go beyond the eight-hour tour of duty.
  • May be assigned to other than regular work area when needed.


  • Inside/Outside
  • Heat/Cold
  • Wet/Humidity
  • Noise/Vibrations
  • Fumes/Odors/Chemical Exposure
  • Other Hazards
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