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Vohra Staffing is a leading workforce management partner that is transforming healthcare staffing. With our 500+ doctors, nurses and 3000 partner healthcare centers, we understand the challenges that healthcare professionals face. This is why we give nurses the scheduling flexibility they deserve.

We connect you with high-demand opportunities not available on jobs boards. Nurses get more say in when they work and what they get paid, so they can create a healthier work-life balance. By creating a better working environment for healthcare professionals, we ensure that patients receive optimal care.

Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNAs) across a variety of specialties and departments. Our site has a focus on Long Term Care and Behavioral Care nurses that work in skilled nursing facilities and treatment/rehabilitation centers respectively.

Vohra Staffing helps nurses find jobs without regard for their experience level.

Different employers will look for varying degrees of experience. This ensures that nurses are clinically competent and able to contribute immediately upon the start of their contract.

We are a nationwide staffing agency. Covid-19 requirements will be determined by the hiring facility based on the rules for their state and their internal policies.


You can view and edit your profile by clicking on the drop-down caret in the top right corner of your page when signed in.

Vohra Staffing is trying to ensure that job matches are relevant. To do this we have identified several factors as mandatory. These are the pieces of information users must enter in order to apply for jobs on the Vohra Staffing site or appear in employer’s search results.

There is a Profile Completion percentage bar available by clicking on your profile drop down menu. Once all required fields (indicated by a yellow dot which turns green when completed) are completed your profile should be displayed as 100% complete. The following fields are required to complete your profile: First Name, Last Name, Address, Email, Phone #, Language, Work Availability, License Type, License #, Education Qualifications, Experience, Professional Reference (only one needs to be completed), Resume and valid license.

You can also go online to, select the Sign-Up option at the top of the home page, and follow the prompts.

Download our app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app, select Sign up, and provide your information as directed.

There is no waiting period. Once your profile is complete it will immediately be matched to any open jobs.


The license verification process is done by a third-party vendor and once you submit your registration the license verification process is usually done within minutes.

Yes, you can apply for any job if you match the job criteria. Please be mindful of the states where your nursing license is valid. To find out about state license reciprocity please see the Nursing License Compact (NLC).

The Nursing Licensure Compact is a nationally recognized, multi-state agreement that allows nurses to use their license to practice not only in their home state, but in any state that has enacted the compact. This interstate authorization to practice eliminates the time-consuming and costly burden of applying for licenses in individual states.

Yes, you can hold a license in multiple states. To search for a job on our site enter the license information that’s relevant to the state you want to search for.


Yes! Users can download the Vohra Staffing app from the App Store or Google Play. The Vohra Staffing app lets users create a specialized universal healthcare profile that they can use, just like a healthcare CV or resume, to apply for healthcare jobs quickly and easily. The app lets you apply for jobs posted on our site. With the Vohra Staffing app, you can keep all your applications and messages in one place.

If you are having technical difficulties with your account, having trouble applying, or having issues with your profile, please send our Vohra Staffing Support team an email at They are the best resource to answer questions about why you are not able to submit an application.

You can deactivate your Vohra Staffing account at any time by selecting the Manage Account option from your profile drop down and clicking the Deactivate Account button. You can always reactivate your account by signing in using your Vohra Staffing account credentials.

Per Vohra Staffing’s privacy policy, we do not sell, rent or loan your personal information to anybody. We do share information under certain circumstances with specific third parties or as specifically instructed by you, including recruiters, potential employers, license validation services etc. For full details regarding how or why we might share your information, please refer to our privacy policy.