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It's a jobs marketplace in your pocket.

Stay on top of your job search wherever you are. Download the Vohra Staffing mobile app to keep up-to-date on your latest job opportunities.

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Nurses deserve better

Going beyond the search to find better pay, benefits and shifts

Day in and day out, nurses go the extra mile to make a lasting difference in their patients' lives. Many are overworked and do not have careers that are sustainable over time. With VohraStaffing, reimagine a more sustainable career.


Professional Freedom & Flexible Shifts

You deserve a work schedule that honors your wellbeing: where you can work on your own terms, set your schedule, earn well for the incredible value you provide in people's lives, and live a life that nourishes you and your loved ones in all ways.

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A Balanced & Meaningful Personal Life

Leave burnout behind. No more blackout dates. Take time for yourself when you need it. Only work holidays when you want by creating a schedule that supports what you value the most. Work from a position of rest and freedom, with more quality care to give to your patients.Work because you love to, not because you have to.

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Professional Development

Because you have more time, space, and energy for you and your life, you can also choose to further educate and train yourself so you can serve your patients better and grow in your career as well. You might also want to take advantage of the opportunity to become a Vohra Wound Certified Nurse program, the most active certification in the United States.

For healthcare facilities

Improve patient care & operations fast

According to Wolters Kluwer, a global provider of professional information, hospitals spend around $10,000 in direct recruitment costs to hire nurses for every RN position that needs to be filled, and other healthcare organizations pay around $418 to $591 daily for every day that a needed RN position remains vacant. Given the 82 days average for filling even just one RN position, indirect costs arising from RN shortages through funds spent on hiring travel or contingency staff, absenteeism, low employee morale, disruptions to care, and diminished overall patient care substantially add up to compound the nursing shortage challenge. Engage nurses and other healthcare professionals more efficiently and economically with VohraStaffing now, and enjoy these benefits for your healthcare organization:

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Streamlined Operations

VohraStaffing’s effective and flexible staffing option addresses your ever-fluctuating patient volume, enabling you to leverage a community of qualified and experienced nurses willing and ready to work. Enjoy cost savings, time savings, and faster onboarding getting the nurses you need quickly to the patients who need them.

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Qualified Nursing and Other Healthcare Professionals

Nurses are listed on VohraStaffing are pre-screened for their qualifications and work experience, so you are sure that those who respond to your open posts are trained and ready to meet the demands of the work and the care that your patients need.

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Better Patient Outcomes

Now that you are able to fill your RN positions faster and less expensively than you normally would have, you are able to get your patients the prompt and quality nursing care they need, which could significantly improve patient outcomes.

From wound care to transforming healthcare hiring

In our more than 22 years of addressing the wound care needs of thousands of patients all over the country, with our 500+ doctors, nurses, and staff and 3,000 partner healthcare facilities, we have become closely acquainted with the challenges of both healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities in the work they do.

Healthcare professionals, especially nurses, are overworked and tied to work schedules that are not conducive to their sustainable wellbeing. They also need better respect and further professional development. Healthcare facilities daily confront administrative challenges that affect the delivery of quality care to their patients, balancing cost-effective operational needs with optimal care needs for their patients.

With VohraStaffing, we are filling in the gaps and serve the needs of both nurses and healthcare facilities by providing them an option to choose what's right for them and what works for them, faster than they would have had in the traditional nursing recruitment models.